Meal Prep Sunday 

After two weeks out of the kitchen due to a hand surgery, it felt good to get back to it! 

I’ve made the decision to get back to eating healthier and taking care of my body, which means I needed to do some meal prep. When I have food in the house I can bring for lunches and snacks, I’m not inclined to eat out or grab a bag of chips to snack on. 

I made my husband and I each two lunches, which still allows us to have dinner leftovers and not waste any food. 

Flavor God seasonings are my go to when prepping food. I used garlic lovers and Himalayan salt and pink peppercorn in the sweet potatoes and broccoli. I then used the habenero seasoning on my chicken. Super easy to throw together, and can all bake while you move onto something else! 

I also made hard boiled eggs and cut up celery to have with veggie dip for snacks. Watch for my Southwest Veggie dip recipe coming soon! 

Overall, I think it was a good first day back in the kitchen, and will be a great start to getting back on track! 

What are your favorite meal prep recipes? Share them below! 


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