Are You In Need of a Detox ? 

Starting February 6th, I will be beginning a five day detox plan that I have designed! I’ve gone through and have done research on what foods to include, how much to include, and what will benefit my body the most. After the holidays, a month full of birthdays, and way too much junk food, this is definitely needed for me AND my waist line!

Are you interested in joining? Message me for more details on the plan, recipes, prepping tips, and grocery list!


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Eat Clean, Be Happy 

Since my hand surgery last Friday, my husband has been cooking for us. Since I can’t create and share new recipes, all I can do is think about what I want to make first, and the new things I want to try. The one common goal among it all, is eating cleaner and healthier. Taking care of my body and myself needs to become a top priority again, and that starts in the kitchen! Since I don’t get my stitches out for another week, I don’t forsee any new recipes coming your way until after then, so instead I am turning to you! What is something that is your go to dish healthy dish that always makes you feel good? Any inspiration is always welcome! 

Healthy Living


As a woman who leads a mostly sedentary lifestyle, taking care of my body and moving is extremely important. But, it’s more than just being active. What we eat is so important to living long and healthy lives.

After a conversation with a coworker the other night, it became evident to both of us, that we have to get our acts together. Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women? And on top of that, 80% of heart disease is PREVENTABLE! This is crazy to me. We are literally killing ourselves!

This sparked something in me. If I want to live a long and healthy life, I need to continue to make changes. I need to get up, move, and cut the crap out of my diet! More produce, lean meats, and fish, less processed food, white flour, and sugar.

By following the simple rules of clean eating and cutting the junk out of my family’s diet, I am helping us fight off disease in the only way I know how!