Spicy Citrus Shrimp and Broiled Veggies 

By using the broiler for this shrimp, you get the grilled kebab taste without the extra work! 

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Chicken and Veggie Calzones


Looking for a delicious and easy week night dinner? Try a new take on the calzone by loading them with shredded chicken and tons of fresh vegetables!

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Turkey and Veggie Skillet


Usually, trying to find a recipe that is both good for you AND easy is not that simple to do. Most healthy ingredients are expensive, and don’t always have the easiest prep. Well, today that is not the case! This skillet comes together with better-for-you ground turkey, brown rice, and it is chock full of veggies! Continue reading

Chicken & Veggie Rice Skillet


Wow! I guess it has been a while since I’ve posted! Summer can get crazy, especially when trying to balance, school, work, a social life, a blog, and working out! Some of these things have suffered lately, but I’m working to get myself back on a good schedule and manage my time better! Continue reading